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Here comes the next 'BIG' (?) application from Google. Earlier dubbed as Google Browser is now called Google Chrome.

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The Google is planning to release the first beta version for the users on 2nd September 2008, today!

The Google browser takes direct aim at Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which is by far the most widely used browser. In recent times, Mozilla Firefox has gained popularity as an alternative to Internet Explorer. Firefox holds nearly 20% of the market, compared with about 72% for the Microsoft Internet Explorer. The main reason for the 72% market share for Microsoft is because it comes installed for free with the windows operating system.

With this one and the slated Google Operating System to come, Google is trying to take control of the entire World Wide Web. With all these, what I feel is that this will be just another way to invade the privacy of the internet users. Already Google is collecting a lot of information (such as the user's browsing habits, web history, search history etc) through their internet explorer toolbar. With their own browser, this will be come just too easy for them!

What say?


Update :- 03/09/08
After the initial hiccups with Google Chrome, finally it is available for download here.

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Privacy is an issue.. Google, through ambition, is becoming the evil it once scorned upon...

September 2, 2008 at 10:48 PM


You know what... For sometime now, I am thinking of what can be a suitable replacement for Google...

As Google is soon gonna displace Microsoft, XYZ in near (?) future will displace Google!!

Looking forward to be a part of that XYZ! :)


September 2, 2008 at 11:51 PM

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