A Tribute to all who lost their lives in Mumbai Terror Attacks!  

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A Tribute to all who lost their lives in Mumbai Terror Attacks!
I don't know you,
But yes I do
We all are humans,
Just like you

Thanks for freeing me
And helping me die
But why did you make
My loved ones cry

Why did you let tears?
Roll down their cheeks
It was just happiness
For them I had seeked

A mother out there
Is waiting for me
My orphan dead body
Is all hers to see

She taught me to walk
And helped me read
She natured a dream
To see me succeed

Why did you kill me?
Before her dream came true
Don't you have a mother?
To love and care for you

My children are waiting
For my return
They don't know yet
They are orphan

They don't know much
About this world of greed
There is no one there
To fulfill their needs

Why did you kill me?
Before they could grow
To help them to see
A better tomorrow

The lady beside them
Is my loving wife
She used to care
A lot for my life

I had promised her
To stay beside
To share her sorrow
And her pride

Why did you kill me?
And leave her alone
To fight with life
All on her own

Why did you kill me?
Before death time
Don't you have a caring
Family like mine...


You Might be HERO for someone, who sent YOU here...
But not for US... 
They know you are a HERO...
But what WE know is... You are not a HUMAN...


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Height of Cost cutting  

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Due to global liquidity crunch all companies are going for extensive cost cuts. So, be ready for this...!


Gateway Peace March - 3rd December 2008  

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Thousands of people turned up for the Peace March at the Gateway of India, Mumbai on 3rd December 2008 and they were loud and clear about what they wanted..... 
"A Change & Action not Bhashan (Lectures!) " 
Following images will tell you what the people of Mumbai & India felt about our so called Babus and Netas ( Local Terrorists or Corrupt Politicians).

NB: I will be posting a couple of more posts related to the recent attacks on Mumbai and India by certain anti-social anti-Indian elements. Keep watching this space.

Inspiration For Living an Extraordinary Life  

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Inspiration For Living an Extraordinary Life
By Spencer Michaels


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